Course Overview

This course is designed to transform participants into business advisors and high-yielding and profitable relationship managers whom clients rely on and companies value. The course provides a practical roadmap to understand and grow existing and high-potential accounts. Delegates will learn how to develop account development plans, craft solid business relations with accounts, and harnessing retention strategies profitably. The course also provides a strong focus on quantitative approaches to account qualification and showcases best practices in service management necessary for growing and retaining strategic accounts.

Course Methodology

The course includes self-assessment tools, planning and analytical templates, and psychometric self-assessment instruments to measure personal abilities to accommodate different personality styles. Group exercises and case studies will also be integral parts of the training methodology used.

Who should attend ?

This course is targeted at cross functional personnel who seek to understand modern customer management practices to improve cross functional support and develop personal careers in strategic account management.

Course Content

Introduction to Strategic Account Management

  • The changing nature of sales force activity,
  • Definition of strategic account management
  • Competencies of strategic account managers
  • The strategic account management process

Account Analysis: Qualifying and Profiling Accounts

  • Account analysis insights
  • Account analysis methods: The single-factor models, The portfolio models
  • Important criteria for determining account profitability: Computing the cost per call, Break-even sales volume
  • Profiling the top 10 characteristics of your SA

Strategic Account Relational Development Model

  • Business partnership defined
  • The partnership skill set
  • The Strategic Account relational development model: Pre-relationship stage, Early relationship stage, Mid-relationship stage, Partnership relationship stage, Synergetic relationship stage
  • Reasons for divesting partnerships

The Strategic Account Planning Process

  • Two layers of planning
  • Prioritizing efforts
  • Important business analysis: Customer analysis, Past business analysis, Competition analysis
  • Identifying opportunities: SWOT analysis
  • Developing account strategy: TOWS analysis
  • Monitoring account performance: Aligning the account plan with KPIs and metrics, Using a balanced scorecard to monitor overall account performance

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the functions and process of strategic account management with a highlight on its importance for the commercial organization
  • Identify and prioritize strategic accounts to measure their profitability and qualify their strategic importance for their company
  • Classify the different levels of customer relationships to enhance the way they interface with such customers
  • Develop customer-focused plans and strategies needed in the development of strategic accounts.
  • Build core strategic account competencies related to research and service management to meet the ever-changing challenges in the market.

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